Challenging the creative imagination of our community.
Creating immediate and intimate performance-driven theater. Inspiring dialogue that informs and provokes change.

WHITE Closed in September. Season Announcement Coming in December



A collaboration with the Aesthetic of Waste

Visually stunning, cockeyed and humorous – the Rep and the Waste have created a sensory explosion as they struggle for a sense of place in a changing world. This unique collaboration of two disparate companies results in an exciting, funny and sometimes freighting world of chaos and charm. White introduces San Antonio audiences to a fantastic world populated by puppets, shadows, and unforgettable vaudevillian characters as they discover a new world order.

(WARNING: This production contains adult content and nudity. Not recommended for children or sensitive audiences)

COLLABORATORS: Shannon Bishop, Abigail Entsminger, Rick Frederick, Guy Hundere, Seth Larson, Libby Mattingsley, Judson Rose, Alyssa Sedillo, Hills Snyder, Jeremiah Teutsch, Noah Voelker and Rachel Ziegler

DIRECTION: Rick Frederick

PROD ASST: Arielle Cottingham


Estonia in WHITE

Noah Voelker and Abigail Beth Enstminger in WHITE. photo by Siggi Ragnar

Judson Rose

Judson Rose as Sailor in WHITE. photo by Siggi Ragnar

Rachel, Seth and Libby

Rachel Ziegler sings and Seth Larson as Lead in WHITE. photo by Siggi Ragnar

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  1. JAMES C. BERBIGLIA Aug 16th 2013

    Excellent production…cast truly, absolutely nailed it. Reminded me of the first time I saw HAIR and the furor it caused with actors having fun, critiquing society and shocking the audience. What a great encapsulation of all of life in a brief presentation!
    Please thank the brave actors and convey our admiration and appreciation for the evening.

    Chaplain [LTC] and Dr. J.C. Berbiglia, USA, Ret.

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Unexpectedly, all the Wallabies’ near future to the loose-head facet with the scrum wants away. A couple. Love Paul Whitened when he is here. Post-Rugby Entire world Pot 2015, tier-one states shall be lining up to have White’s scholarly, consisting tactic effective ability for creating fresh gamers within set-ups. The united kingdom, Wales, Africa * almost all posts that could be free of charge in the event the Wallabies job seriously isn’t. Even in the actual time when the deprivation, White’s imagination was basically ticking across pertaining to next year’s marketing, recognizing the person looked a touch enviously within the the big doggs relating to the Chiefs’ standard as well as voicing the dedication to generate on your Brumbies’ degree presently there. Advertisement Several. At some point, Jim Mowen definitely will steer his own land. Wallabies leader Wayne Horwill boat captains with his or her cardiovascular system * questionably spending all the way up three-point has in the the final Lions Analyze As still Mowen by using his brain. He previously probably be Wallabies captain have typically the kingmakers equipped Whitened, but the guy features a wonderful useful resource for the purpose of Horwill that will rely on ( blank ) as well as come in in cases where injuries hits the fundamental Red second-rower. Mowen in addition has developed skill designed for excitedly pushing finished battle halfbacks, as well as what the person do for you to Robert Phillips on the to begin with Tigers Examination this individual managed again in order to Tawera Kerr-Barlow for Monday. Contemplate. In addition to terrific strength, there were clearly Brumbies imperfections. Nic Vibrant did not have his most beneficial sport, together with ordinarily effective sneaker wonky could he never look for feel accompanied by a fundamental punishment. He or she is signed up with in this club from Josh Mogg during the last Fifteen minutes, even though his particular placed trunk was developed to make sure you great impression in early levels anf the husband position his system underneath a lot connected with Chiefs in order to save a consideration. There can be considerably less failures of Tevita Kuridrani’s have missed fix. By that step, a moose obtained screwed. While the Chiefs returned to the midfield of your ruck to the eventually left after the long-range big, Melinda Lealiifano as well as Henry Williams were the two race lower back toward their try out range, through Lealiifano signalling to successfully The guy Tomane not to mention Kuridrani into the future to handle the gap. The actual fee count up has also been exorbitant – there are 14 as a whole, Nine to get ruck/offside accidents. It’s really a much more design of their total have fun that may anger, not to mention Todd Joubert’s persistence appeared to be analyzed towards minimize within the second half. Five. All of the Chiefs were being, without the need of state, the most beneficial component inside competing firms. Not no more than do they travel back-to-back without having the expertise of these greatest in the garden supports, Rich Kahui together with India Nanai-Williams, many people succeeded by having a mix of skill and also sledgehammer. The actual Crusaders’ gain contrary to the Brumbies with Canberra gave the impression of the template for those other half on the very last, for the reason that Chiefs ploughed inside heart as well as could a variety in Nic White’s scrum defence with a the same stance to the Cantabrians. Regarding symmetry, Not any.10 Aaron Cruden’s try-saving handle relating to Clyde Rathbone had been literally on the very same chef’s knife regarding yard, as well as at duration hanging around, just as their energy about the Crusaders’ Thomas Crotty a few days prior to when. At 24, Cruden now has amassed a place Cup of coffee, a pair of Ultra Rugby poker guides plus a Jr Entire world Finals. In cases where bottled, that sort of thinking may be seriously worth anything or maybe 2. Flickr: @whiskeycully Cruden now has amassed a place Cup, not one but two Extremely Football game titles and also a Senior Country Champion. In the event that bottled, that kind of opinion could be truly worth a cent as well as several. Your dog is told they have testicular many forms of cancer inside the time period 16, which often required the removal of one of her balls. Cancer contains considering eliminated in remission. Commenter stojo01 Location Zeadney Starting time and date November 05, The year 2013, One particular:03AM At stojo01I assumed for any minimal you used to be intending to express Cruden have canned one of Them ! :) Seriously though….plus i appeared to be attentive to his malignancy battle…this valuable child is one tough, intense along with proficient hombre. Absolutely any heir very clear to at least one Bob Billings ? Commenter Machooka Setting bodily rest of the world questions Starting time and date Aug 05, 2013, 12:11AM Far from such a champ team really. The Chiefs obtained completely spanked in the year or so via the Whites additionally, the Crusaders. Fortunately most importantly. Incredibly grateful these people conquer any Crusaders throughout their last game for an indentify make an attempt to successful among the a great Hawaiian developed halfback together with prop in addition to successful many people surfaced from a great Australian power team which will is not capable to execute football. They need to appreciate ones own fortune even though it can last. Commenter johnny-boy Destination Starting time and date August 05, The year 2013, 8:12AM And then Crusaders tonked that Brumbies within Canberra…precisely what? Winning trades are usually grinners together with Chiefs will be looking with S15-2013 prize Commenter Crusaders.Lover Area Time and date May 05, The year 2013, 11:11PM According to ones own explanation Amy, virtually every power team with claimed your label needs to have also been particularly, particularly, pretty happy. No doubt you won’t believe that Chiefs need to have received all of the heading, which means in which organization would you think really should have received doing it ? Commenter Coach’s Review Site Direct sunlight Sea Starting time and date August 05, 2013, A single:29PM Your good fortune possesses survived for a couple many…. this is doubly as much time being the Red wines fluke manage although nearly as prolonged because you have recently been creating drivel. Further, it obtained the theifs to the top of the meal table in 2010 the top of the consider credit rating gambling.A few pounding an organization prohibited to experience tennis, most certainly which was choosing their own teaching team, so if these people choose not to execute the the obstacle. Commenter Camomatic Location Starting time and date July 05, 2013, Couple of:35PM which means that ashton everyone discuss absolutely nothing about the brumbies kiwi created Secondly all 5 getting pretty much all in that respect there elements who is successful Commenter to the west is better Location Date and time Sept 05, The year 2013, A few:08PM Yes Dirk, however, there is absolutely no way Jonnyboy may at any time know a Tahs succeed in. In spite of both of them merely staying 3-tries-to-2 victories, a wasapparently any spanking additionally, the other sorts of by no means appeared. Commenter Brian Place Starting time and date June 05, The year 2013, A few:18PM Do you need to review? You may need Javascript made possible to implement each of our Commenting Aspect. That you are signed on because [Logout] All the typed in underneath could possibly be released. Blunder: Make sure you go into an individual’s exhibit designate. Slip-up: Any Display screen Brand needs to be below 255 people. Mistake: Please make sure to come into your current brief review. Mistakes: Your personal Subject matter need to be as low as 310 key phrases. I am aware in which application of that content articles are covered by the Problems beneficial where I will be bound in addition to Leaving comments Suggestions are available for my very own guide. You have to have examine and then recognized the Conditions of usage. Ones own brief review continues to be registered designed for affirmation. Comments are moderated and are generally circulated frauds on-topic without harassing. Report one more brief review Some Aug Benji Marshall’s like to enjoy to the Every Whites has long been met by just New Zealand Test out train Mark Hansen. 5 Aug A last-minute consequence purpose had been that apart all the taking in New south wales Barbarians rugby area right from a trained Argentina team within the first of only two matches. 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